What to Look for in an Instagram Growth Service

Everyone is competing for attention on Instagram – after all, it is a billion-user platform. By extension, this implies that you have to be smart with the way you position yourself to get noticed. One of the strategies you can use is to hire an Instagram growth service to help you solidify your presence. Not every company is worth your money though – some are nothing but scams, eager to rip off your cash. So, before you settle for any service, ask yourself;

How Old is the Company?

Sure, you can choose to work with a month-old Instagram growth service. The only problem, however, is that you’re not sure if you will get your money’s worth. In other words, you’re better off with a company that has years of experience. You want a tested and proven service that knows what it is doing. On that note, read this article titled Instagress Alternatives: What are the options in 2018? – Jonathon Spire to discover other options if you were using the now-defunct Instagress to grow your account.

What are Users Saying About the Service?

One of the easiest ways to know what to expect with an Instagram bot is to look at what previous users are saying about it. Search for independent reviews too. Of course, it makes perfect sense to use a service that has drawn positive reviews from customers. Be sure to check the ratings as well. You can also visit the company’s official website to see if there are any real user reviews. Stay away from lowly rated companies with negative reviews all over the place.

Can You Contact the Service?

Here is the thing – how do you expect to forward your complains if the Instagram growth company you’re about to use doesn’t offer a two-way communication channel? So, even before you contemplate whether to hire the service, verify it has an e-mail or contact form on the official website. On top of that, ensure there’s an FAQ and help page on the site. Don’t forget to read how you can cancel your subscription and the refund policy.

The Bottom Right

You can supercharge your brand’s exposure on Instagram if you choose the right growth service. Consider asking for referrals to be sure that the company is reliable. Remember, while it’s your money, you must get value for it. Also, keep in mind that some services will take your cash and give you zero results.