Tired Often? Let’s Get You in Shape

Let's Get You in Shape

We all have those days where we feel tired and get nothing done, that’s normal. But for some people it isn’t normal, it’s a non-stop process where they wake up tired nearly every day and this can have a huge effect on their lives and relationships.

After visiting the doctor the first thing he will prescribe you are sleeping pills but even that doesn’t always help, or it gives you a good four hours of sleep (not enough), so you start to take more and before you know it you take 2-3 times the dosage and wake up with a drowsy feeling.

Not the result you expected and even worse, you might get addicted to those pills so let’s look at some different ways instead to get you back in shape.

Annual Health Checkup

The first thing you should do is a health check-up at the hospital, go the whole nine yards, get a chest X-ray, do an exercise stress test, an ultrasound of your abdominal and a electrogram.

All of this is included in one of the pre-defined packages where they also test your blood, urine, and stool and it will give you a ton of insight.

Perhaps your cholesterol is too high, or you have too many white blood cells that indicate an infection, antibiotics can work much better than sleeping pills in that case.

With all this new insight you will know exactly what you have to work on.

Adjusting Your Diet

Most, if not all, health issues are directly related to what and how much you consume and this can make you feel exhausted, not just because you’re deprived of sleep but because your body doesn’t function as it should.

We all know we need to eat 4-5 portions of fruit or vegetables per day, limit our alcohol consumption, and smoke a bit less.

But many people don’t realize that cutting down on dairy products or at least limiting it to 0% fat products can have a huge effect on your health.

If Nothing Else Helps

You’ve done everything you could but it still doesn’t help?

Perhaps it’s time to look into alternative medication like specific herbs or oils, especially if it’s in combination with back pain, if that’s the case I suggest you immediately visit Free Your Spine as they specialize on that front.

We might’ve forgotten one thing, exercising that is. If you just sit on a chair all day long and hardly move maybe that’s all that it takes to get you going, thirty minutes of walking, jogging, swimming or any type of cardio will do wonders for your health, and your sleep.