Sure Fire Tips To Keep Squirrels Away From Your Garbage

Truth be told, critters knocking over your garbage every so often can feel like a monkey on the back. You must have been born under a lucky star if you’re a homeowner that has never experienced this. Your home can be the perfect habitat for pests whenever they rummage into garbage if caution is thrown to the wind. Keep reading to find out how you can prevent this from happening without the need to use harmful poisons.

Dispose Garbage Properly

It goes without saying that visits by squirrels result from their quest to forage for food. Trash could smell like a sweaty sock unwashed for a month, but this is an aroma that squirrels cannot resist. The smell is all it takes to tip them off that there’s a meal in the offing and it is along these lines that you need to keep this in check. You’re advised to rinse wrappers and containers so as to get rid of food leftovers. As a way to give squirrels a hard time, it would be good to dispose food remainders at the bottom of the can.

Seal Garbage Cans Securely

You will agree that cans that are properly sealed without overflowing objects go a long way in keeping pests at bay. There are cans that come with screw-on covers so that it stays intact making it an arduous task for rodents to gain access. Placing a cinder block or some heavy item is yet another “Do It Yourself” approach that can be used to achieve the same. You could as well use bungee cords to fasten the lid securely so that stronger pests like raccoons pose no threat.

Go For Metal

Gnawing into plastic is something rodents do with ease as ducks take to water. They will have an easy time getting their hands on trash disposed in plastic cans, but it would be a different story if you preferred those made of metal. Plastic does absorb trash odor over time, and the smell is likely to persist even after emptying. Metals cans, such as those available at Trash That, can help wipe out the problem and this is actually a simple solution that ensures you never keep bumping into unwanted guests on your property. In case yo

Keep Trash Indoors

If all your efforts have hit a dead end, it is time to consider containing garbage in an enclosed area that ensures critters never gain entry. Rather than incline towards keeping trash at garage doors, or the alleyway, a locked garage would be a better idea. If you’re afraid of your interior becoming smelly, a wooden box could help create an indoor setting so that trash remains out of sight from critters.

Bottom Line

Squirrels are never out to do your harm; they’re just scouting for means to survive. On the other hand, they can be a menace and it is important to know of humane ways to keep them away. The aforementioned are tips to help you realize this.