All smoothie, fresh juice or milkshake junkies know the benefits of a good blender

Any blender that does the job with the least hassle would be a great deal. New technology has made this possible and all one has to do is choose what suits them best.

The Best Immersion Blenders

The All Clad Immersion Blender is quite handy around the kitchen and extremely easy to use. This is your best bet when it comes to Immersion Blenders. It makes no splatters, is quite fast and efficient. The All Clad Immersion Blender is great for blending small quantities. It works best when blending mashed potatoes, emulsions and basically any food that would create a mess while using the jar design blenders. What’s more? It is very easy to clean. Precaution should be taken though when cleaning as the blades are quite sharp.

The Best Single-Serve Blender

The Cusinart Compact Portable Blending/ Chopping System, comes with 8 ounce chop cups, 16 ounce travel cups and a 32 ounce blender jar. The appliance is so convenient all one has to do after blending, is to screw a lid on the travel cup and be on their way. It is best for making fresh fruit juice on the go in the morning. This blender can also grind ice, nuts, spices and different kinds of herbs fast. It is very good when it comes to grinding coffee beans and making smoothies.

The Best All-Around Blender

The Kitchen Aid 5 Piece Blender is one that amazingly makes no noise while you blend and makes milkshakes and smoothies fast. How convenient? It has a strong and quiet motor .Plus, it is quite durable. It also has one 56 ounce blending jar so that one can blend then serve from it. It is scratch, stain and shatter resistant, therefore is safe for cleaning in the dishwasher.

The Best Budget Blender

If one is on a budget and needs the best blender then this is the one to go for. The Oster 12 Speed with food processor attachment that can chop up ice is great for making margaritas, pureeing soup and making delicious smoothies. It has a 6 cup capacity; therefore it can blend large amounts of fruit and vegetables. It has three cup food processors that can mince, chop and mix all types of food. The jar is thermo shock tested so one can go from very hot to very cold food items without worrying that they will crack. This appliance is also quite affordable and despite the fact that it is a bit noisy, it’s a great buy.

The Best Super Power Blender

This is a blender that is made for anyone looking for a Super Power Blender. The Vitamix 5200 tops the list because it can blend various foods fast and efficiently. It can blend kale, sauces or even turn whole fruits like apples into pure juice without leaving any pulp. Amazingly, it can even turn whole grains into flour, knead dough and even grind coffee. This is one blender that can blend almost anything in the kitchen. A great value for money and very durable!