The Right Composters and putting them in Best Positions for Compost Bins

Finding the right composting bins can be a hard task for us. With the right bin, we can compost most of our kitchen wastes into organic fertilizers that we can use to produce fresh produce organically.  All containers should be in the right position to get quality compost. The list below has some bins and their different features.

Envirocycle Composting Tumbler Bin

This bin does not consume much space, and an area below 3ft square is enough for this bin. We can easily rotate this composting bin, and it has a feature that allows us to collect compost tea without breaking a sweat.  This tumbler can stay for an extended period without rusting and the organic fertilizer produced does not contain any toxic chemical.  There are various models that we can purchase, and they include; 35-gallon model and the 17-gallon model.  The significant difference between these makes is that the 17 gallons are smaller with a height of 28 inches, width 23 inches and a depth of 29 inches. The bigger model is better because it can compost more waste materials and produce a higher quantity of organic fertilizers.  It is a U.S model, and it comes with a five-year warranty.


    • Has a beautiful design
    • We can collect compost tea efficiently
    • Produced using BPA-free plastic
    • Produces compost in a period that ranges between 6-8 weeks


    • It does not have many compartments hence inflexible
    • It must stand on a level ground

Yimby Tumbler Composter

The composter has two chambers.  With sufficient heat, organic compost can be produced in a period not exceeding two weeks.  Its small size makes it ideal for small townhouses.  Because it has a dual chamber, we can have a steady supply of compost for our garden.


    • Its frame can stand corrosion
    • Gives us a compost continuously
    • Has BPA plastic free plastic


    • It cannot collect compost tea
    • We are supposed to assemble after buying

Spin Bin Composter 60

The bin has a capacity of 60 gallons. The best thing is that we can fill it and remove the materials from both directions. It has a vertical design that helps us to utilize it despite having a capacity of 60 gallons.  It has a two-year warranty, and we can retake it to the dealer if it develops any fault before the period is over.  It comes with high-quality ventilation to ensure that air circulates in the best way for quick decomposition.  It is Easy to use since we get a step by step guide from the dealer.


    • We can put kitchen waste and remove compost from both ends
    • Has a big capacity
    • Easy composting because of the internal bar to help in mixing
    • Made in the U.S to have the highest quality


    • Its exit area is little, and we cannot put compost into a container
    • Because we use a shovel or a garden for the plastic used to make the bin can be damaged easily

This compost bins are very essential if we want to use our kitchen scraps for the right purpose. We should however ensure the bins are in the right posture to ensure decomposition takes place faster.