Proven Ways to Grow Your Brand on Instagram

Proven Ways to Grow Your Brand on Instagram

Any serious brand is on Instagram. But, it isn’t all rosy. Indeed, you will give your business the exposure it needs to expand by joining the platform, but you will need to know a couple of things to succeed. Here’s a look at what’s important.

Get Followers

Okay. Your brand doesn’t stand a chance of getting noticed if there are no people following it. Your primary job, therefore, is to get as many followers as possible. And, you have to be tactful here. Consider buying your first few followers to make your business more discoverable. Speaking of which, Fred Harrington offers a comprehensive guide on how you can buy real Instagram followers, where to purchase them and the benefits that come with it. The long and short of it is that you must come up with creative ways to draw a sizeable audience naturally.

Run Contests

Consider running a contest if you don’t mind giving away samples of your products. You can, for instance, ask users to report a particular image and tag your brand in the caption. Don’t forget to ask them to follow you. Or, you can allow them to use your hashtag on their images. Be sure to get creative to see how you can work with other Instagrammers to propel your brand to the next levels.

Instagram Stories

Yes. Instagram stories provide an excellent way to grow your brand. For starters, Stories are incredibly popular, attracting more than 400 million users every day. Statistics indicate that many Instagrammers prefer watching Stories as opposed to scrolling their feed. The only thing that you need to do here is to share original content. You can, for instance, take your followers behind the scenes to reveal never seen before images of what goes on in your office, factory and so on.

Ask Your Followers to Take Action

At times, all you need to do is to request people to take a particular action to get what you want. You can, for example, ask your followers to share a quote or like your snaps. You can even encourage them to tag a friend. Ask questions that can start conversations too. In other words, don’t be afraid to put your ideas out there, it will entice your followers to react accordingly.

In conclusion, you can cement your brand’s presence on Instagram if you choose to be different from your competition. Identify your target market and seek to fulfill their needs.