How Much Should A Wedding Singer Cost?

Your wedding day should be the most important one in your life and should be treated accordingly. Sure, it requires a lot of planning in advance, sometimes more than one year, but in the end it should worth it. There are some expenses that could be eliminated if you are not too extravagant, but other such as your dress, the groom’s suit, the flowers, the menu or the wedding singer/ band cannot be excluded. And if you already picked up your dream gown and everything else is settled, what about your wedding singer? Do you know exactly what to expect in terms of services and prices? Read below and find for yourself.

What are the UK prices for a wedding singer?

Prices truly depend on the singer of your choice, the day of the venue, the number of guests, the length of the concert and the type of music played. You could get a good insight of this business by checking this website: They vary from a couple of hundred pounds to even up to one thousand pounds, depending on your preferences. Nevertheless you should know that each penny is worth your trouble if you want a lovely wedding with a nice atmosphere, live music and plenty of jams to dance on. Most wedding singers are really flexible in terms of payment and type of music played so you should really work on your negotiating skills. If you have already established a fix amount of money you want to pay for this service, a professional wedding singer can let you know exactly what you can get for that money.

What to expect in terms of wedding singers services?

Each wedding singer has his/ her own packages, which vary in terms of length and price. For around 600 pounds you can have your wedding singer perform live and be your DJ throughout the wedding party. The singer will always arrive on time and make sure every technical detail is ready for a live performance. You will get pre-recorded background music for the moment of guest arrival and you get to have the first dance of your choice either pre-recorded or sung live. In addition, your singer will sing for one and half hours throughout the evening and in between will work as a full time DJ, mixing and receiving song requests from your guests. Also, the list of pre-recorded jams is extremely large thus you can select your favorite songs, both slow and dance, depending on your mood.