Gift Suggestions to Show Your Dad You Care

Loving your dad is sometimes easier than finding the right present for Father’s Day, birthday, or other holiday, so to show how much you care, give it some extra thought by considering some of these great gift ideas:

–A Swiss Army knife.

Even if your father isn’t a collector, maybe he could start with this one. It has all the little gadgets on it that are not only useful outdoors, but are also fun, a tool and a keepsake he can treasure for years to come.

–Two. If your dad has tons of credit cards and business cards that make his wallet bulge out in his hip pocket, there is a nifty device in stores and online now called Auto Card Manager, which will let him store his cards and keep them from bending or cracking. It’s basically a replacement for the wallet, or a backup. Just right for those active hunting or fishing trips, rock climbing, or boating. It’s designed to keep the cards safe and waterproof.

–Three. Wine baskets. If your dad is a wine lover, you can’t go wrong with a wine basket. Buy him a special bottle, or some samplers. You can even add a corkscrew, a wine rack, a nice wine book, or vintage wine labels. If you have the extra money to spend, and he likes it, add some cheeses or meats to the mix.

–Four. Tickets. It could be tickets to a great sporting event, concert, or movie, but doing something together will be a nice gift your father will remember for a long time to come.

–Five. A new watch. Maybe the band is getting old or it’s just time for a new one, but a watch is a nice way to say I Love You to your father.

–Six. A GPS is the right gift for a father who’s into gadgets, cars, or doesn’t like maps and hates asking for directions.

–Seven. If your dad has wanted a high-end sports or luxury car but could never afford it, and if your own budget can afford it, you could splurge and rent him the car he’s always wanted for a day or the weekend. Think how happy he would be riding around in a Porsche or Mercedes.

–Eight. A new game. If your dad is a gamer—and a lot of them are these days—surprise him with a new video game? What’s his favorite genre? Arcade? Strategy? Whether horror, fun, or something in between, gamephrase is a great place to visit to find all sorts of new games and downloads.

–Nine. Custom decals for his vehicle is another great idea. It could be a favorite sports team, leisure activity, or band. Whatever his passion is, a custom decal is something he probably would never think of to buy for himself, but you can, and he’ll love the new touches to his wheels.