Features To Consider In The Log Splitters

If you cut lots of wood on a daily basis for burning purpose or for construction purpose or for selling purpose, then you can use log splitters. These log splitters are machines that make the log cutting work very easy, fast and convenient. In old times, people used the traditional axe to cut the logs but now in modern times, people use these machines to cut or split the logs.

Cutting the logs with your hands requires a lot of human effort whereas these machines can do the same task in no time. So, if you are thinking of choosing the best log splitter for your home or business, then you can read some of the reviews on SplittingWood for your better consideration.

Things to consider

Log splitters are available in many types such as Manual splitters, electric splitters, hydraulic splitters, portable splitters and many other types of splitters. You can consider the following factors for your better understanding.

  • Power: The main thing to consider is the power on which these machines run. Manual splitters are the cheapest when it comes to price and works on your own strength. You need to apply a force using your body in order to split the wood. Hydraulic splitters are also Manual splitters but require less force to work. It can make your work easier but doesn’t provide you with speed. Electric splitters are the most popular splitters that provide you with automatic splitting. These splitters work on electricity and also provide you with speed and consistency.
  • Splitting power: Splitting power is the amount of force that is used in order to split the wooden log into small pieces. A Manual splitter provides you with splitting power of 2 to 3 tons, whereas electrical splitters provide you with the power of 10 tons. These splitters are the best when it comes to clearing an entire tree for firewood or for any other purpose. Gas splitters are the main machine that provides you with the maximum splitting power of 30 tons. These machines are used for cutting the hardest wood of them all.
  • Portability: Portability is another factor that needs to be considered while buying the log splitter for you. The small and light the splitter is, the more stable it will be. The bigger and heavier the splitters is, the more unstable it will be. So, it is better to install these splitters at such place which is hard and safe for relocating the heavy machines from one place to another.