Browser Gaming: A Unique Gaming Experience

Browser gaming is an approach to gaming that requires games to be playable over the internet with the use of a web browser. It is also an approach to portable gaming, which allows games to be playable not just on web browsers of certain personal computers, but on different devices and operating systems as well!


When browser gaming, all you need is a browser plug-in or a web browser. This means that browser games are playable even without the installation of client software. For instance, just launch the Opera browser and then visit a website with browser games to begin playing.

Here are other features of browser gaming:


    • Browser gaming is easily accessible. Thus, you are invited to join the bandwagon of players who commit to frequent short gameplay sessions.


    • Most often, browser games are available for free. However, while these games are free-to-play, you are also given the chance to play with special perks (e.g. unlock certain levels, play using special characters/powers/gears) provided you make a purchase.


    • Browser gaming extends to multiplayer gaming. The focus of these multiplayer games is on social interaction — whether on a monumental scale (i.e. involving hundreds and thousands of players) or in-between several players.



Web Standards & Plug-ins

If you are not just into playing browser games, but also into creating and then developing these games, you can start your own game, too. Provided you are familiar with standard web technologies (e.g. JavaScript, CSS, and HTML).

Be wary, however. While you can design them to operate in standards-compliant browsers, these games’ success (with regard to quality and compatibility) is quite limited.

Benefits of Browser Gaming

A big benefit of browser gaming is granting both beginners and serious players an opportunity to play quickly. Without the need to decipher complex instructions, almost anyone can start playing.

Additionally, browser games can be played mindlessly. Sure, they can also feel as if there is quite much to go into when you are setting your course on their virtual realities, but either way, these games are enjoyable whenever you have tidbits of free time — even as small as five minutes.

Striking Examples

There is a myriad of available browser games. And while they may differ in the virtual realities that they introduce, they challenge a player to achieve a common goal: compete with other players while having fun midcourse.

Some striking examples of browser games are A Dark Room, Abobo’s Big Adventure, Gladiatus, Ogame, Rival Rage, Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution, Runescape, Spaceplan, and World Boxing Tournament.