3 ways to reduce odours from an indoor trash can

Household waste is a fact of life. Unfortunately so are the odours that go with it. Over time, however careful you are, these build up and a new trash can becomes the only solution. Trash That is the perfect site to help you find the right trash can for your space. But, once you’ve found the perfect receptacle, how do you stop those pesky odours ruining it? It’s actually very easy, just follow these three simple steps.

Don’t encourage bacteria

Don’t put hot food waste, teabags or coffee grounds into the trash can. Introducing heat into the trash can will cause condensation and the moisture encourages the growth of odour causing bacteria. Equally, pour away the final drips from those cans, cartons and bottles before throwing in the trash.  It may just be a drip or two, but that soon builds up and before you know it there is a smelly, leaking puddle in the bottom of the liner. A torn liner, even micro-tears caused by removing the liner from the can, will allow that nasty seepage into the can and lead to a foul-smelling kitchen.

Compost or recycle

Check what you’re throwing away.  Most household trash can smells come from food waste. Consider composting whenever possible. It’s far better for the environment as less waste ends up in already overcrowded landfill and, after a suitable amount of time has passed, the resulting compost will nurture your garden (and save money on shop bought compost in the process). Not all food waste is suitable for composting, but all plant based waste can be dealt with this way. Before recycling cans, cartons and bottles take those few extra moments to rinse, this will reduce the clinging scraps bacteria thrive on.

Use odour neutralising agents

Sprinkle a small amount of bicarbonate of soda into the bottom of the can before putting the liner in. Charcoal, crushed and placed in the bottom of the can will have the same effect, but may cause a mess when you remove the liner. Essential oils, placed on either cotton pads or kitchen paper and placed in the base of the bin are viable alternatives, vanilla, tea tree, lavender and grapefruit are all good choices which won’t overpower your home in the process.

So there it is. Once you’ve chosen your new trash can just follow these tips to trash that odour, instead of having to trash the trash can.